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(((( life )))) (((( life ))))

Rated 5 / 5 stars

no problem for now

Hi, it's no problem for now. :-)

But if you look on my website ( or ( then you see, that I'm producing music with this name since 1999 and had last year a big chart release with the track "Da Sylver & DeeFour - the last unicorn 2005". At the end of this year will follow to more vinyl releases. ;-)

At the moment I'm known with this artist name in europe, USA, russia and asia.

If you like to talk more about music producing, just send me an email. you will find my email adress on my website.

Frank [DeeFour]

PS: I search this site for a mail function to send you a message, but I found no one... :)

-= you are my simle love =- -= you are my simle love =-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

using my artistname


nice track, but I hope no one thinks this music was done by me.

Frank [DeeFour]

Deefour responds:

Heey deefour, sorry to here bowt that but my DJ Name actualy aint Dee foru Its D4 but you can regiser with D4 because its a 2 letter lol, but ive Been D4 for a quite a while im a nown DJ in my area ive not long be creating music usualy i just Play at gigs playing other peoples music and scratching.. so are you over in Germany then?